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Icicle Glitter Gel

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Super shiny and glittery! Try Icicle glitter gel alone on your nail or on top of other colors and watch the glitters transform as you apply it! This iridescent glitter gel seems to adapt to any color you put next to or under it. Apply Icicle over a black base for a golden green look – perfekt for autumn nails!

Glitterlust Glitter Gel properties:

  • Self-leveling
  • Low odor
  • Long-lasting flexible gel

Minimum 7.5 g / 0.26 oz

Comes in our old black jar design

TIP: Use a peel off base coat for easy removal. Our glitter gels pop right off! Click on the 'How to use' tab for instructions.

Keep tightly sealed. Keep out of sunlight / UV lamps. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid direct contact with skin. Wipe off gel on skin with cleanser, acetone or alcohol.

How to use

1. Cleanse, prep and dehydrate your nails.

2. Apply one coat of base coat of choice, cure.

3. Apply one coat of Glitterlust Glitter Gel, cure for 30 seconds in LED light or 2 minutes in UV light. IMPORTANT! Avoid heat spikes by flash curing; cure for 1 second and instantly remove your hand from the lamp. Repeat 2 more times then fully cure.

4. Apply second coat of Glitter Gel if desired, cure.

5. Finish with one coat of top coat of choice, cure and cleanse the nail.


For easier application, with a light touch, use your gel brush to gently guide the glitter gel from cuticle to free edge

Glitterlust Glitter Gels are self-leveling; allow the gel to settle and even out for a few seconds before curingIf your gel application is too thick or bumpy, file and shape your nails before applying your top coat

To prevent bubbles in your application, avoid over-stirring the gel pots