How to use

  1. Cleanse, prep and dehydrate your nails
  2. Apply one coat of base coat of choice, cure
  3. Apply one coat of Glitterlust Glitter Gel, cure for 30 seconds in LED light or 2 minutes in UV light. IMPORTANT! Avoid heat spikes by flash curing; put your hand in the light for 1 second and instantly take your hand out. Repeat 2 more times then fully cure.
  4. Apply second coat of Glitter Gel if desired, cure as above
  5. Finish with one coat of top coat of choice, cure, cleanse


  • For easier application, with a light touch, use your gel brush to gently guide the glitter gel from cuticle to free edge
  • Glitterlust Glitter Gels are self-leveling; allow the gel to settle and even out for a few seconds before curing
  • If your gel application is too thick or bumpy, file and shape your nails before applying your top coat
  • To prevent bubbles in your application, apply over-stirring the glitter gels


We highly recommend using a peel-off base coat for super easy, quick, and pain-free removal with no damage to your natural nails. Regular air-dry peel off base coat works, too!

  1. Apply peel off base coat as per the manufacturer's instructions. Take care to avoid applying peel off base at the edges of your nail to prevent premature lifting.
  2. Apply Glitterlust Glitter Gel by following the steps above.
  3. Removal: Going from side to side, use an orange stick to very gently lift the manicure from your natural nail. Wipe off any residue with cleanser, alcohol, or acetone.
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